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Accessory Instruments

A) Latch-End Implant Driver

  • Direct placement of implants with shoulder diameters of 4.8mm and 6.5mm

  • Intimate fit design with implant eliminates chance of distortion with internal configuration of implant

  • Better handling of implant without use of "mount"

  • Processed material results in strong medical grade stainless steel

B) Torque Control Adapter

  • Accepts any latch-end component

  • Consolidates inventory for different length and ratchet only instrument

  • Fits any ratchet with 7mm diameter tool housing

C) Latch-End ST Abutment Driver

  • Compatible with any latch-end torque control device

  • Friction fit provides simple release of abutment

  • Accepts any 4.8mm abutment height for Single-Stage implants

D) Case Assembly Kit

  • Six screwdrivers: .035" hex, .048" hex, torx, slot, tapered torx, and square

  • One handle that accepts all six drivers

  • Organized in one tray

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