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ST Abutment    System

Sophistication Kept Simple


Aeton's proprietary ST Abutment brings the era of cementable temporary restorations to an end. The ease of our titaniumabutment level snap-on impression coping makes taking impressions more predictable, launching a new standard that is unsurpassed. When used with the ST Abutment, our innovative bondable temporary coping clicks onto the 6° cone of the abutment. Aeton has eliminated the need for cement. The pull off force is approximately 11lbs, assuring the patient and clinician that the provisional restoration will not dislodge. Tissue and bone health are more assured without the danger of excess cement.


Our Unique Abutment level Impression Coping is a single component, manufactured from titanium alloy. The self-guiding coping is radiopaque and clicks onto the 6° cone, minimizing the possibility of an inaccurate fit between the implant shoulder and coping. This ease of use improves the accuracy of the impression, providing a better fit when the final restoration is delivered. Finally, the 45° shoulder within the metal casting remains pristine since there is no need to remove the "lip" left after casting process.




  • Self guiding, titanium transfer coping 

  • Provides precision fit at margin

  • Allows .035" and .048" Stock Hex Screwdrivers or Solid Abutment Driver for use to torque abutments to 35NCM

  • Exclusive Bondable "SBC" Temporary Coping included with Abutment Set

  • Compatible with Straumann Standard, Standard Plus and Tapered Effect Implants where implant shoulder diameters are 4.8mm and 6.5mm

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