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AetonMedical Dental Implant Products are an exciting and innovative new system, compatible with the industry leader for the Single Stage Implant. Designed and manufactured by professionals with decades of combined industry experience, the Aeton team has succeeded in designing easy to use products with evolutionary design improvements. All of this translates to extraordinary new products with no retraining needed for the dental professional.

Our goal is to provide innovative designs, resulting in faster, less invasive procedures, backed by the most comprehensive warranty in the dental community.


The AetonMedical Warranty is contingent on the following conditions:

  • Indications/contraindications observed

  • All procedures performed in accordance with generally accepted dental practice

  • AetonMedical instructions followed per package inserts/manuals

  • Oral hygiene maintained

  • Recall interval maintained

  • No adverse health conditions during life-span of implant (anamnesis), that could impact implant success, e.g. as detailed in the package insert

  • Product in question must be sterilized and returned to AetonMedical within 90 days of product failure

  • No overdue payments owed to AetonMedical

  • Review and acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth below and in any materials accompanying the AetonMedical Dental Implant Products (which may be amended from time to time)

*AetonMedical Warranty – Conditions

The warranty applies to the AetonMedical Dental Implant Products further referred to as

“AetonMedical products and components”.

1. Scope of the warranty

As part of the of the warranty program, AetonMedical will provide the treatment provider who has fitted patients with original AetonMedical products and components (including when used in conjunction with the Straumann Standard, Standard Plus, and Tapered Effect Implants where implant shoulder diameters are 4.8mm and 6.5mm) upon any failure of the same with replacement products in accordance with and subject to the terms and conditions described below. In addition, AetonMedical will provide the treatment provider who has fitted patients with certain Qualified Straumann Implants (as defined below) upon any failure of the same when used properly with an AetonMedical prosthetic component with a replacement implant and pay related lab fees in accordance with and subject to the terms and conditions described below.

  • The warranty covers only normal wear of AetonMedical products and components and Qualified Straumann Implants within ten years of the original implant procedure. The warranty is subject to the condition that the patient does not exhibit the contraindications detailed in the product description either before or during the entire period of implantation. This obligation only applies to AetonMedical products and components and Qualified Straumann Implants which have been sold and are used in the United States.

  • AetonMedical products and components are manufactured to be compatible with the Straumann Standard, Standard Plus, and Tapered Effect implants with shoulder diameters of 4.8mm and 6.5mm (hereafter referred to as the “Qualified Straumann Implants”). AetonMedical products and components may not be used with any other implant products or components (whether or not manufactured by Straumann). Should any Qaulified Straumann Implant fail when used properly with an AetonMedical prosthetic component, AetonMedical will provide the AetonMedical prosthetic replacement and the Straumann implant replacement at no charge and pay related lab fees up to $500 per unit.

  • The warranty covers the products and components listed on the individual invoice and identified by lot number received on delivery of an AetonMedical product or Qualified Straumann Implant. This obligation exists only with respect to the properly licensed and certified treatment provider (doctor/dentist) who fitted the patient with the covered products and components and who otherwise complies with all of the terms and conditions of the warranty set forth herein. Third parties, including, without limitation, patients or intermediate suppliers, may not derive any rights from the warranty. The warranty and all other rights herein are non-transferrable. Any assignment or attempted assignment of the warranty or any claims arising from the warranty is prohibited and any assignment shall be automatically void. This warranty program does not give entitlement for a specific product. AetonMedical reserves the right to replace products and components from AetonMedical’s existing inventory.

2. Warranty conditions and exclusions

Optimum care of the patient by the treatment provider and care by the patient are necessary conditions for successful implantation. AetonMedical will provide a replacement if the attachment fails within the ten year period despite the treatment provider and/or the patient having satisfied the followed fundamental conditions:

  • The patient must be carefully selected, informed of inherent risks and patient duties associated with the treatment, and encouraged to cooperate with the treatment provider;

  • Indications/contra-indications must be carefully observed and documented;

  • AetonMedical instructions as available at the time of treatment and accepted dental practice must be observed and applied accordingly before, during and after implantation;

  • Daily and conscientious oral hygiene by the patient, along with documented check-ups, and recall intervals must be ensured and documented;

  • The product in question must be returned in sterilized form.

  • A completed warranty form, the original Straumann Warranty Certificate and additional documentation as required to fulfill warranty conditions must be returned with the product, per the warranty procedure set forth below.

All warranties are invalidated if:

  • AetonMedical products have not been applied in accordance with instructions, or have been modified, or if AetonMedical products have been used in conjunction with unapproved alternate products;

  • Contra-indications for the treatment with implants and components, contained in an AetonMedical product or application description, exist;

  • The products are custom-made or specially manufactured or modified;

  • The products are installed by any person other than a properly licensed and certified treatment provider (doctor/dentist) listed on the original AetonMedical invoice or any other terms and conditions of the warranty contained herein or included with the products are not strictly adhered to (including the warranty procedure set forth below);

  • Failure of an implant is brought about by an accident, a trauma or by any other damage caused by the patient or a third party.

3. Warranty procedure

The warranty contained herein is conditioned upon the completion and execution of the AetonMedical warranty form (including the attachments specified therein) included with the AetonMedical products and submission of the same together with the original Warranty Certificate to AetonMedical not later than 90 days after the failure of the implant and/or components. All components returned must be sterilized before shipping.

4. General limitations of the warranty

The limited warranty contained herein does not include failure of, or damage to, the product or components, or injury resulting from, accident, misuse, improper installation or operation, repair or alteration, improper maintenance, failure to follow the written installation and use instructions or failure to conform to generally accepted dental practice.  The express warranties set forth above are the sole warranties given by AetonMedical and shall extend only to the original treatment provider as noted above and the sole remedy shall be replacement and limited reimbursement for lab fees described in paragraph 1 above.  EXCEPT FOR THE LIMITED WARRANTIES EXPRESSLY SET FORTH ABOVE, AETONMEDICAL MAKES NO EXPRESS WARRANTY (WHETHER WRITTEN OR ORAL) WITH RESPECT TO ANY PRODUCTS OR COMPONENTS SOLD OR DISTRIBUTED THEREBY OR INSTALLED WITH ANY AETONMEDICAL PRODUCT OR COMPONENT AND SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDES ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF DURABILITY, MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR USE OR PURPOSE.  EXCEPT AS OTHERWISE EXPRESSLY PROVIDED HEREIN, IN NO EVENT SHALL AETONMEDICAL OR ANY OF ITS AFFILIATES BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE ARISING DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY FROM THE PRODUCTS OR COMPONENTS DESCRIBED ABOVE OR FOR CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, LOSS OF BUSINESS, EARNINGS, INCOME OR PROFITS).  IN NO EVENT SHALL AETONMEDICAL’S LIABILITY HEREUNDER EXCEED $1,000.00 PER DENTAL IMPLANT (INCLUDING THE COSTS OF REPLACEMENT).

5. Termination

AetonMedical may modify or terminate this warranty program at any time with respect to any product or service or with respect to the eligibility of a specific treatment provider. The warranty is further subject to the time limitations, conditions and all other limitations elsewhere set forth herein.

6. Miscellaneous

By taking part in this warranty program and purchasing and/or using products from AetonMedical in connection therewith, the treatment provider accepts the terms, conditions and limitations provided for herein.

7. Other territories

Without limitation of the terms and conditions set forth above, other conditions may apply for distribution outside of the United States. Please contact AetonMedical for information.

8. Governing law; jurisdiction

This warranty shall be exclusively governed by, construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania without giving effect to the principles of conflicts of law thereof. By taking part in this warranty program and purchasing and/or using products from AetonMedical in connection therewith, the treatment provider hereby irrevocably submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of any state or federal court sitting in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania over any suit, action or proceeding relating to the products discussed hereinabove or this warranty and hereby elects such courts as the exclusive venue of such suit, action or proceeding.

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