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Titanium guide sleeve compatible with NobelGuide™ for WP D7.0/d6.2/L3.5

for "full guided" drilling templates, sleeves with lateral surfaces and retention groove

M.27.15.D620 Guide sleeve comp. for NobelGuide™ for WP Bag of 5 sleeves.

SKU: M.27.15.D620 Bag of 5 sleeves.
$95.00 Regular Price
$85.50Sale Price

10 off

  • For “full-guided” surgical kits - alternative sleeves for open planning systems - diameters and lengths adapted to the guide sleeves of established surgical kits Indicated for insertion into surgical drilling templates for use with drills that have corresponding cylindrical guide elements or are guided in separate inserts (drill keys). For the dimensions, see the sleeve overview/order form.

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