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The impressioncaps can be sterilized in the pouch in which they are supplied.

The steam sterilization cycle recommended by Aeton Medical is gravity, wrapped at 250°F for a minimum of thirty (30) minutes.

Impression Cap – 6.5mm x 5mm

    • Aeton Medical DOES NOT accept returns or exchanges or issue refunds unless the item you purchased is defective or the item shipped was not as ordered . If you receive a defective or incorrect item, please contact us at Aeton Medical with details of the product and the issue experienced . Instructions on what to do with the item(s) in your possession will be given to you at that time. Under NO circumstances can any item that has been biologically contaminated or been thru sterilization processing or the original packaging opened or damaged be returned. Any product returned to Aeton Medical not in keeping with the above policy will be promptly returned to the sender.