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SBC Temporary Coping

You asked for a Bondable Temporary Coping and we listened. Aeton is proud to bring the restorative phase into a new era. This hybrid composite is the strongest material on the market. Any acrylic or composite material will chemically bond to our Temporary Coping.

We provide three natural shades to help distinguish between the platform diameters.




  • "Snap on" feature eliminates use of cement

  • Hybrid composite provides Chemical Bond

  • Strength of material is (10.8KJ/m2)

  • Retention occurs on abutment cone, allowing Platform Sizing from 4.1mm to 4.8mm or 5.8mm to 6.5mm

  • Compatible with single stage Solid abutment types when retention groove is removed

  • Margin of 60° and 1mm height creates optimal Tissue Contour

  • Crown Coping can be modified in order to be used for multiple units.

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